Our services

  Design brief

The Design Brief is a written document, which follows up the initial meeting for further discussions and sketch designs. It will also outline relevant fees and timescales we adhere to. For Residential Landscaping, we make all attempts to get to know you, your family, your lifestyle and surroundings. For Commercial Landscaping, we make an effort to get familiarize with the organization, its mission, its vision, values and corporate governances. Our strength is provided by our industry knowledge, with a thorough and up to date understanding of the nest equipment and materials on the market.
We will meet with you on site to enable us to provide you with a transitional landscape design that will form a seamless bridge between the interior and exterior space. We capture what is more important to you, the styles and themes you prefer, the desired plant species, the specific landscape materials to be incorporated and the key features are to be included in your landscape. Examples of landscape styles, plant species, and landscape materials from our extensive image library are present to assist in clarifying the exact look you desire.

  Concept design

The Concept Design is the draft stage of the design and documentation process. The concept plans are presented to you along with concept pictures of the proposed landscape design. The concept plan will outline spatial definition, hard and soft landscaped areas, indication of planting themes and the beginning of hard surface specifications. We describe in detail the concept plans and any changes that need to be made are discussed and outlined. We aim not only to produce a concept that incorporates all of your needs but we throw in the zest and twist of fundamentals, ingenious designs to come up with unique designer solutions that will provide you with the state of the art landscapes we love and enjoy.

  Planting design

When it comes to Planting Design, the principle we adopt is “Right Plant, Right Place” which involves designing a landscape efficiently and choosing plants that fit the site perfectly. This helps reduce maintenance inputs, including irrigation, fertilization, mowing, and application of pesticides, which in turn lowers the risk of pollutants finding their way into ground or surface waters. Developing the planting plan is a sequential process, but it is important to remember that the process is not completely linear; sometimes decisions about plant material require reworking previous steps in the sequence and making adjustments to the plan. The process begins with developing a functional plan that shows the general concept for the landscape.
Step 1: Concept/Functional plan - Firstly we develop a conceptual plan that shows the proposed general layout of the plant material is the first step in the process. The conceptual plan is based on the site analysis and your need of using the space. This ensures that the plan is based on the site conditions and the desired function of the plants.
Step 2: Master plant list - Next we create a master list of possible plant materials for use in the planting plan is the second step in the process. The first consideration is to choose the right plants for the site conditions. We will refer to the site analysis to determine the growing conditions in each area of the yard and match plant choices to those conditions by considering light requirements (sun or shade) for each plant as well as soil and water requirements and visual characteristics of each plant. We will also take into consideration of the existing plants in the landscape. Depending on the health of the existing plants and the new layout for activity spaces, some of the existing plants may need to be removed or relocated.
Step 3: Preliminary planting plan - Preliminary plans will show the proposed layout of the individual plant material. The quick sketches are used to explore different layouts and arrangements to get a rough idea of the size constraints and best locations for plants. Our preliminary plans are often used to create one final plan, taking the best ideas from each plan.
Step 4: Develop the final Plant Design - We use the preliminary plan to start developing the final Plant Design to meet your desired vision.


Dherana Landscape International possess a strong background on plants and landscape maintenance and able to provide professional input and practices for efficient irrigation based on specific situations. We continue to be on the cutting edge of irrigation technology by installing the most advanced new irrigation systems available that are designed and engineered to achieve excellent coverage while achieving excellent water conservation. Irrigation can be manual or fully automatic. For manual watering, we can provide irrigation advices on the quantity, frequency, and method for specific site and plant conditions. For automatic irrigation, we design and install different irrigation systems including drip and sprinkler systems. It is a timely option as well as a humidity option. These irrigation types are decided at the Consultation Phase.
We also provide advice on fertigation and chemigation. Fertigation is an automatic system to apply liquid fertilizer while chemigation is an automatic system to apply liquid insecticide and fungicide. The average irrigation system is set to overwater the lawn and landscape. At the very least, your irrigation controller should be programmed seasonally to respond to the changing weather patterns. This can be achieved manually (if your controller has limited options) or, our staff can program your seasonal adjustment settings on your controller to automatically respond to the changing weather. There are also irrigation controllers available that automatically respond to the weather on a daily basis. These controllers automatically calculate the water needs based on the weather conditions and plant type. We can upgrade your current system or include an upgraded controller on your new system installation. Our expertly trained technicians will diagnose any problems with your irrigation system, recommend the best solution, and complete the work in a timely fashion.


Without proper drainage solutions in place, water may collect to undermine structures and drown expensive plants, turning parts of your new landscape into perpetually wet swamps. This can be the most important issue due to this potential for damage. Backyard drainage may also be overlooked entirely by a designer poorly trained in grading and drainage. To avoid the above we will analyze the nature of your yard, and may "shoot the grades" to establish the exact topography no matter how flat the site may seem. Spot elevations tell us where problems lie so that we can solve them through design. Ground water can also play an important role in drainage, and it is directly related to rainfall patterns. In the low lying areas, the water table can be just inches below the surface. Such conditions create all sorts of problems for construction and limit planting options. Rainfall is the periodic catalyst that sets drainage problems in gear. Where heavy downpours are common, poorly drained sites can become flooded for a short time if drainage structures are in place, or extended periods if they are not. Add heavy rainfall to a high water table and the potential for damage increases exponentially. To avoid all issues that is said above the team at Dherana International Landscape, tend to take the following solutions ; 
‣ Surface Drainage for Surface Water Issue 
‣ Underground drainage for Hardpan Issues 
‣ Raising the planting areas or use Water loving plants for High Water Table Issue.

  Landscape consultation

At Dherana Landscape International, with our On-Site Consultation, we will walk with you around your property in order to help you design your perfect landscape by listening to your ideas and concerns, answering your questions about your plant preferences, maintenance problems and procedures, and helping you design your outdoor space to fit your needs by offering guidance. A landscape consultation is a great way for us to see your vision and make it our own by contributing our professional services.
Visit our design centre for In-Store Consultation. Bring your ideas whether it is fully developed or just bits and pieces along with any design concepts, your survey/lot plan and some photographs of the property and we will provide CAD drafted concept plans to provide you with a vision of your future landscape and include the tools and information you need to make that vision a reality. Please be kind enough to identify your most pressing priorities so that the designer can focus his time on the consultation as there would be a charge on the initial consultation process. You will receive a free estimate for all ideas and concepts generated during the consultation.
Large scale projects will require additional design time due to its complexity. A good rule of thumb would be to assign 1% of the budget for your project’s design phase. For clients who require more extensive projects that entails grading, elevation changes, or a more depth planting plan, it is equally important for the designer to understand your priorities and get your input so that the design in tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Feel free to view samples of landscape design sketches/designs in the Landscape Portfolio in our premises. Make sure you get a copy of the ‘Questions to Consider’ handout at the register at the garden centre. They will be mailed to you if you have signed up via phone. Consultations are available Monday to Saturday from 8.00 a.m. till 5.00 p.m. Please call us and book a day which is preferred by you or visit our premises for an In-Store Consultation.


The project estimates would be calculated and be provided to our customers for their perusal.

     Project management

Once the estimated amount is agreed upon Dherana Landscape International will contact the Contractors to establish few criterias. In the scope of Project Management, we at Dherana will plan, organize the elements of a project so they can be managed and controlled in a outlined time frame. We set up tracking systems to monitor and control the flow of work, the hours utilized, the money spent, and the other resources used to complete a project. We also track and monitor a project and develop strategies when project is over budget and carry site visits and site meetings Dherana International Landscape has committed to manage the work flow, the hours utilized and the cost to maximize profit or minimize losses for the firm n every project.

     Construction Design

Dherana Landscape International have built a reputation for designing innovative landscape architecture that works. It is a reputation that underlines every one of our projects - from individual residential properties to large scale commercial developments. Our architectural design team pushes the boundaries of landscape creativity with empathy for the aesthetic, environmental and practical needs of each and every project. They are designed as sustainable, manageable, practical and exciting environments that simply showcase what can be achieved by innovative design thinking. Innovative landscape designs need quality Construction to turn the creative idea into reality. Our contractors are experienced, skilled and have worked closely alongside our design team to offer our clients an efficient, professional and integrated construction phase - with no surprises.
We value the ingenuity that is necessary to produce a beautiful and creative garden, landscape, and/or outdoor living space that is reasonably priced and constructed efficiently. Our process involves a detailed design that combines your vision with our professional expertise, and includes the necessary revisions it takes until your landscape has the look you wish for. The detailed plan also acts as the blueprint for creating an exact plan of action during construction. We find that this process also eliminates costly revisions after construction has begun, and that we can ensure the building process will move in a timely manner. Lastly, exceptional communication with our clients is the key. We want to make sure that your dream landscape is constructed just as it is designed and that your investment is guaranteed.

  Eco friendly maintenance

With more than 30 years of experience in the Landscaping Industry, Dherana International offers landscape maintenance services. 
We here at Dherana International Landscape pride ourselves on our commitment to being reliable, professional, and driven by the desire to satisfy the needs of today’s earth-conscious consumer. We try to apply eco principles to the best of our ability to our operations by adapting the following ;
‣ Protect existing natural areas to the greatest extent possible (woodlands and wetlands and meadows).
‣ Select regionally native plants to form the backbone of the landscape. Select appropriate plants for each particular site (each plant has its unique requirements and most sites have a variety of conditions). While there's not usually a problem with occasional use of exotic plants, native plants have evolved to local conditions over millions of years and form an integral part in the life cycles of the local wildlife; they also give an area its unique sense of place.
‣ Reduce use of turf. Instead, install woodland, meadow or other natural plantings. Where lawns are needed (such as play areas), follow best management practices available from your county's cooperative extension agent to reduce harmful impacts and use composting mowers.
‣ Reduce use of pesticides, practice integrated pest management. Again, cooperative extension agents can help with natural alternatives to pesticides.
‣ Compost and mulch on site to eliminate solid waste. Generate a free mulch - a soil additive that can replace the need for most fertilizers.
‣ Practice soil and water conservation. Stabilize slopes with natural plantings, mulch around plants, and install drought- tolerant species.
‣ Reduce use of power landscape equipment. Shrinking the size of the lawn and planting appropriate native species in less formal arrangements will reduce the need for extensive use of power equipment.
‣ Professional advice on selecting drought resistant plants
‣ Fertilizing, We use of high grade organic products to fertilize your landscape area. Instead of pumping the turf with sysnthetic checmicals we assess the soil and turf to derermine the necessart nutrients you soil needs.
‣ Irrigation. We offer services to help conserve water. Drip irrigation, rain sensors and rain barriers are just some of the ways to save water.

  Transparent pricing

At Dherana International Landscape we understand that our valuable customers are searching for the best service more than ever and the bottom line falls on transparent pricing mechanism. We understand it is not only on our rate but also about how transparent our organization is. Transparent means being consistent with logical, rational pricing so our customers comprehend the value of service they are receiving. We as a transparent organization, emphasize on transparency on our quotations, the species of plants used, the height and the quantities and the rates of the plants. We also specify the transport cost and the installation cost involved. As transparency is treated as utmost importance by our clientele we try our best to adopt to the said mechanism.

  Quality control 

Dherana International Landscape value its reputation and branding, expanding the company and proud of attracting the best projects. Therefore the quality control systems implemented at Dherana ensures excellence of services rendered to our clientele and the impeccable value provided for the value paid for the service. We strive to reflect our quality service by the tasks carried out by our employees and how prompt they are in completing the tasks that have been assigned to them. The plants used in our landscape are in-house grown and thus another step in our quality control measurements. Dherana takes responsible for all its plants and pest and disease control to ensure continuous quality control procedures.